A passionate heart is no stranger to “Falling in Love.” Falling in love with a moment, a memory, a place and the feeling a song gives to make you want to move or the cinematic ride it takes you on as if you were there. This is not just an idea but a priority and reality to the lyrics, music and life of Nestor AnDress. 

This South-Texan didn’t grow up with neon in his blood eager for a stage and stars in his eyes, but he sure was born with a fire for adventure and making the world his stage. Once music grabbed a hold of Nestor’s heart it became a natural fit to put his charm, passions and poetic imagery into Nestor’s music. 

“Falling in Love” is the title track for the NEW RECORD that Nestor and his team have been working on this PAST YEAR. FEBRUARY 2016 will welcome in "Falling In Love" and will be launching off the dates for a self-managed tour. 

“I’ve never worked on any record and felt as much emotion… its powerful…. it’s beautiful…. It’s Country.”
— Matt Geroux. (Producer)
“Nestor’s high energy makes him unpredictable and his passion to give it all to the audience is going to make for an amazing tour you will not want to miss.”
— Carrie Lelwica (Manager)
“The title track song “Falling In Love,” truly takes you there as if it were happening right in front of your eyes.”
— Isaac H. (Drummer)


The music is coming, it will be heard and it will be felt. See you soon.